Hedgehog Campaign

Hedgehog record in Birmingham and the Black Country

Hedgehog records in many parts of Birmingham and the Black Country are lacking, and these records are crucial for monitoring how our hedgehogs are doing, and identifying where we might need to step in to help the hedgehog population. Many of you would have seen a hedgehog in your garden or elsewhere and if so we want to know! Click on the link below which will direct you to a short form to fill in answering questions about your garden and if you have ever seen hedgehogs in it! Even if you have never seen a hedgehog in your garden or its been years since you did see one, still fill in the form as we need to know which gardens hedgehogs are avoiding too!

Click here to take the survey for Hedgehog campaign!

There are a number of things you could do to make your garden more ‘hedgehog friendly,’ see below for some small changes you could make that would make a huge difference!

Link your garden!

One of the major threats to Hedgehogs, particularly in urban areas such as Birmingham is barriers to their movement, such as garden fences! This means hedgehogs struggle to get to food or other hedgehogs to mate. A recent campaign called ‘Hedgehog Street’ has recently been launched to tackle this and we want to add to this campaign by making sure Birmingham gardens can also act as hedgehog highways too! This is as simple as making a small hole in your garden fence to make sure hedgehogs can pass through freely. For more help on how to do this you can visit Big Hedgehog Map and pledge to make a hole!

Hedgehog highway, which enable hedgehog to travel among gardens at night!

Make your garden hedgehog friendly!

Piles of logs or leaves or compost heaps can provide a safe place for hedgehogs to breed or hibernate, as well as providing plenty of insects for the hedgehog to munch on! Click to see more ideas and examples of features of hedgehog friendly gardens.

You can also make your own hedgehog home! These can be as simple or extravagant as you like, but as long as it provides a safe, warm, dry place for hedgehogs they will love it! Here are some instructions on how to make three different types of hedgehog home.

A simple but robust handmade hedgehog home.

Remember to take the hedgehog survey!