Walking to find the tunnel in beautiful Moseley Bog


What? We’re teaming up with the Wildlife Trust to run a fantastic event where we’ll explore different mammal footprints and how you can tell them apart. We’ll look at footprint tunnels and how they can help us determine which mammals are in an area. It will also be a great chance to have a walk around Moseley Bog, a fantastic habitat for all sorts of animals and with a lot of great conservation work going on.

When? Saturday 25th November, 10:00 till 13:00

Where? Yardley Wood Road, Moseley, Birmingham, West Midlands, B13 9JX (nearest for Sat, Nav navigation to Moseley Bog)

How do we get the footprint?

We use tunnels! You can make it yourself and try that in your garden. Put a disk of nuts or dry worms in the middle. Then two stips painted with ink, plus two A4 paper. Of course, you need to put it in a tunnel or anywhere shed so it won’t get wet.

This is the footprint tunnel we used.

What did we find?

Uhmmm. Shrew, brown rat, water vole, cat, hedgehog and… some weird hair which we could not identify…

Identify footprint

Before the end, many thanks for The Wildlife Trust for Birmingham and Black Country, who help us arrange this successful event!