Footprint Survey at Sandwell Valley

This is what we found in last footprint event. See Footprint for more info.

We are going to be building footprint tunnels to monitor hedgehogs (and other small mammals) across the Birmingham and Black Country.

8th April 9am until 12pms

Sandwell Valley RSPB Centre

Hedgehogs have declined dramatically over the past 50 years or so. In the 1950s the national hedgehog population was estimated to be around 30 million, now there are thought to be less than 1 million hedgehogs left in the UK.

We want to start a monitoring effort in the Birmingham and Black Country as we’ve noticed that there are very few records here! We think there must be more hedgehogs out there and we want to find out where they are!

Certainly, footprint tunnels will collect trace of any small mammals at Sandwell Valley so this will also be a great chance to see what mammals are living there.